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Thunder Ridge Citizenship Application

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:52 pm
Citizenship Application

Nation Name in TNGE: Thunder Ridge
NationStates Experience: A little under a year of active involvement, mostly in GCRs but in UCRs as well
Are you known by any other names or aliases across NS (if so, please list): Mainly Overthinkers, also Lady Cari. Pretty much all my other identities on NS are clearly tied to Overthinkers.
What other regions or NS organizations are you currently or have been involved with: Currently involved with TWP, TSP, TEP, Karma, Londinium, the Northern Outskirts
How did you find The New Greek Empire?: Khanter brought me here >.>
Do You Have A WA Nation Name (Y/N) If Yes, What Is Its Name: WA mobile because raiding. Usually returns to the nation Overthinkers.
Activity Level: Excessive
Have You Ever Been Convicted of A Crime On NationStates Before: Technically treason to the Union of Independent Nations, I guess. That was a whole fiasco that's too long to explain here, but I will gladly elaborate in DMs.
Provide your discord username here if you want to be invited to the regional discord server: WeirdoXVII#8247

The Oath of Citizenship:

I, Thunder Ridge, do hereby affirm my loyalty and Respect to the Empire, The Empire Citizens, the Constitution and Laws of TNGE, and His Emperor-Commandant,. I promise my services and my loyalty to the people of The New Greek Empire and the Emperor. I swear to defend and honor the Empire, and give my best service. I acknowledge that upon breaking this Oath, I will be committing an act of treason and I will accept the judgment and punishment that the law leaves between said. So be it.
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Re: Thunder Ridge Citizenship Application

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:04 am
Admited <_<
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