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Cat's Cit App!

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:51 pm
Citizenship Application

Nation Name in TNGE: Little Chip
NationStates Experience: Held a lot of offices
Are you known by any other names or aliases across NS (if so, please list): Cat
What other regions or NS organizations are you currently or have been involved with: Europeia
How did you find The New Greek Empire?: Khanter brought me here Razz
Do You Have A WA Nation Name (Y/N) If Yes, What Is Its Name: Nuh
Activity Level: High
Have You Ever Been Convicted of A Crime On NationStates Before:  No
Provide your discord username here if you want to be invited to the regional discord server: Cat#5195

The Oath of Citizenship:

I, Cat, do hereby affirm my loyalty and Respect to the Empire, The Empire Citizens, the Constitution and Laws of TNGE, and His Emperor-Commandant,. I promise my services and my loyalty to the people of The New Greek Empire and the Emperor. I swear to defend and honor the Empire, and give my best service. I acknowledge that upon breaking this Oath, I will be committing an act of treason and I will accept the judgment and punishment that the law leaves between said. So be it.
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Re: Cat's Cit App!

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:54 pm
I brought everyone...
Accepted and masked.

Re: Cat's Cit App!

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:55 pm
Santa Khanter! ^-^
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Re: Cat's Cit App!

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